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Frequently Asked Questions


Q : What is refinishing?

A : Bathtub refinishing also known as bathtub resurfacingor bathtub reglazing,is the process of refreshing the surface of a worn, damaged bathtub to a like-new condition. 


Q : Should I refinish or replace my bathtub?

A : If cost, efficiency and duration of the project is the driving factor, refinishing the tub is probably your best option. It is much cheaper to refinish your bathtub and the process is also much quicker.


Q : What is the average cost to refinish a bathtub?

A : Pricing depends on the condition of the tub. Usually starting around $250.


Q : Can you also paint the tiles around my tub and/or shower?

A : Yes. We can paint the surrounding tiles so you have a fresh new look.


Q : How long does it take to refinish a bathtub?

A : We are usually done in a few hours! Fast, simple and reliable!


Q : How much will it cost to repaint my cabinets?

A : The cost depends on the number of cabinet drawers and doors you have. 


Q : What is the timeframe to repaint my cabinets?

A : Depending on the scope of work, we are usually able to finish in less than 2 weeks. Some smaller kitchens and bathrooms are completed in 5-7 days. 


Q : Do you offer a warranty on your services?

A : Yes. We offer a 1 year labor warranty. During the first year after your install we will come out once for any touchups needed. Just please be sure to hold on to any leftover paint.


Q : How do I obtain an estimate for the work?

A : All quotes and estimates are offered free of charge. We ask you to take a few photos and can provide you with an estimate based on your pictures. We can also do an on-site estimate as well if you would like to meet our team before we start.

Please feel free to contact us in case we haven't answer your questions. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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